Friday, 23 October 2009

Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Belgium and Sweden - Takeda to Expand Operations

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is establishing four new commercial subsidiaries in Mexico, Turkey, Sweden and Belgium. The Swedish subsidiary will also encompass Norway and Denmark, and the Belgian one will include Luxembourg.

Alan Mackenzie, executive vice president of international operations at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, said, “Takeda has a significant opportunity to expand our presence in Mexico, Europe and other priority markets. Executing our territory expansion strategy is an important step toward further globalising our operations.”

The Tokyo-headquartered firm has also set up operations in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Canada in recent months.

Further reading - In-depth reviews of the pharmaceutical markets in Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Sweden and Belgium are available from Espicom: The Pharmaceutical Market: Japan; The Pharmaceutical Market: Mexico; The Pharmaceutical Market: Turkey; The Pharmaceutical Market: Belgium; and The Pharmaceutical Market: Sweden (all published September 2009)

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